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In the spirit of inheritance "Chinese people's old friend, Mr. Samaranch; continuation of the deep friendship between China and; to promote the development of sports culture in China, to spread the Olympic ideals; promote international sports and cultural exchanges for the purpose, initiated by Samaranch's family, registered in the Ministry of civil affairs of China, to the State Sports General Administration of China business department in charge of the national non-public funds will -" Samaranch sports hair development fund. "

Foundation purpose

  • Samaranch and China's deep friendship, deepen the academic research related to Samaranch and China
  • To promote the Olympic ideal, to popularize the Olympic Games in China and the Olympic Culture
  • Promote national fitness and healthy and harmonious way of life, promote the development of China's sports culture, promote international sports cultural exchange
  • Promote China and Spain in the political, economic, cultural, sports, education and other aspects of the exchange, to support the long-term friendly relations between the two countries

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