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2013 Strategic Planning


Staring from 2013, Samaranch Foundation will publish the official "Juan Antonio Samaranch—a biography", award Samaranch Scholarship, organize Samaranch Olympic Collection Forum and "Samaranch Trophy" Sport events,  promote Sports for All concept in west China as well as celebrate 40th Anniversary of Establishment of Sino-Spain Diplomatic relations with an Art Expo in two countries.

Samaranch Olympic Collection Forum

Starting in 2013, the Samaranch Olympic Collection Forum will be held each year in China by the Samaranch Foundation. It consists of World Collectors' Fair, Samaranch Philately Cup, and Olympic Collection Club, harboring the mission of promoting Olympism and spreading Olympic culture through collection. It serves as a platform for Chinese collectors to connect with collectors from the globe; it seeks to contribute to the development of Olympic collection standard in China and the filed itself.

Sino-Spain Arts Expo

In 2013, Samaranch Foundation will select one artist from China and Spain to hold a personal art exhibition in another country, as the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sino-Spain diplomatic relations. The foundation will work closely with both national governments to select the top artists and for communication in related fields through arts. The Expo will further deepen the 40 years of friendship between China and Spain.

Juan Antonio Samaranch– a biography

Samaranch Foundation will finance and organize to write an official biography of Mr. Samaranch, which is planned to be published worldwide in 2013 in Spanish, Chinese and English. The biography recounts the legend of Mr. Samaranch. The Chinese version contains a special section details the story behind China and Mr. Samaranch, and how he helped China return to the Olympic world and to bid for the 2008 Summer Olympic.

Samaranch Scholarship

Starting in 2013, Samaranch Foundation will provide scholarship for the most talented teenagers in tennis, football or other sports to be trained in Spain. It encourages youth sports and sports as a lifestyle in China, while further develop the Sino-Spain friendship for the next generation.

"Samaranch Trophy" Sport Games

Samaranch Foundation aims to introduce high quality sports events from the globe to China. By holding the games in different city, "Samaranch Trophy" bridges China with the world through sports.

"Sports for All" Movement

Samaranch Foundation will donate regularly to the west rural area of China with sports equipment, sports education and other resources, in order to promote idea of "sports for all". Spain is one of the few countries with high rate of sports participation. The foundation seeks to introduce these knowledge and resource from Spain to China to contribute to sports development.

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